haund an ee work to enable young people in the creation of their own projects. We do this by connecting them with tools, knowledge, professionals and skills, and firmly believe that access to such things should be accessible to all. We have seen first-hand the sense of self-worth, belonging, pride and accomplishment that comes when a young person works to turn the imagined into something real. From community gardens to wooden boats, totem poles to mixed-media mushroom houses­; through woodworking, sound, musical composition, physical computing, and everything in between, we support young people to explore a project from conception to delivery, and in the ways which works best for them.

The projects we work on emerge at different sites (schools, community gardens, workshops and sheds), occur at a variety of scales (from one-off workshops to intensive projects), and over a variety of durations. Our core team have extensive experience in delivering traditional wooden boatbuilding, general carpentry, horticulture, sound design and audio production, coding and electronics, and we also draw on a team of external STEAM practitioners to tailor a project specifically to a group’s needs. The photographs contained here will give you some flavour of what’s possible, but really, the only limits are the imaginations of young people – we’ll supply the rest.

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